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Perseverance pays off for Capilano University’s Governor General medal winner

Katherine Harwood accepts her GG medal from Capilano University's president and vice-chancellor, Dr. Greg Lee, while her instructor, Dr. Janet Waters, looks on.

This year’s winner of the Governor General’s Academic Collegiate Bronze Medal at Capilano University was an inspiration to her classmates and instructors alike.

Illness left Katherine Harwood unable to attend most of her secondary school courses, but after attending night school her hard work and perseverance saw her acquire her high school diploma at age 20. She then came to Capilano University where she recently graduated with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree with a concentration in Psychology.

“At Capilano, Katy amply demonstrated her family’s values of hard work, education and lifelong learning with extraordinary achievements in all her Psyc courses, including the only 100% I’ve seen in 20 years on a Cognitive Psyc exam,” said her instructor, Dr. Janet Waters. “Her work is well-known to all of us in the Psychology department and her story is an inspiration.”

The Governor General’s Academic Collegiate Bronze Medal is awarded to the student at Capilano who achieves the highest overall grade point average upon completion of a two-year, full-time diploma program.

“I am happy to have been able to continue my education at Capilano University and from my humble beginnings of an adult equivalency diploma have managed to exceed everyone’s expectations, even those I held for myself,” Katy said. “I look forward to the next two years at Capilano as I enter the Applied Behavioral Analysis – Autism degree program in the fall and know it will continue to challenge me. Beyond the next two years at Cap, I am open to where my education may lead, possibly heading towards graduate studies in educational or school psychology.”


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